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KxK Dynamics – Dreamt, Designed, Crafted and Assembled in the USA. Since late 2015, KxK Dynamics has been an ongoing collaboration between Jason Killmer (Ridler Award Winner), Andy Ward of Proficient X, and Eron Knox of Red’s Detail Co., to create high quality products for fellow automotive refinishing technicians that improve efficiency, profitability and results. Here at KxK Dynamics, we make it our mission to focus on designing innovative solutions, for the most common challenges that members of the automotive refinishing community face on a daily basis.

MEet the team
Specializing in the art of fixation, Andy of Proficient X, is the team member who takes care of all the daunting tasks that all business owners push off to fellow teammates.  We’re not saying that Andy is the member of the trio who always pulls the short straw, but he is the team member who makes it his mission to make sure that all things run as smoothly as possible.  From fixating on the most minuscule product enhancements that make all the difference in our products, to supply chain management assignments with all of our U.S. and global distributors, he is our go-to guy.

Oh and a fun fact!  He is obsessed with electronic dance music, but doesn’t let anyone know about his secret love affair with overly loud House music.  Don’t tell him that we told you this either, because he may just take it upon himself to start sharing his favorite Spotify electronic dance jams of the week with you.  But if you are a fellow fist pumper, then reach out to him on Instragram, @proficient_x, but for all things KxK Dynamics related, you can message him through our website.
A.K.A The Sandman, A.K.A The Phantom Polisher, A.K.A. One Wing, is the member of our trio who is the most well known person, who most people have never met.  Jason is also the KxK Dynamic’s member who is solely responsible for our popular sanding block series.  Due to Jason’s unprecedented knowledge in the art of color sanding and polishing, he has created a sanding block design that embodies both the aspects of simplicity as well as enhanced performance.  He has also worked with pretty much all industry leaders who are looked up to and considered to be “the best in the biz”.  Even though Jason has a long list of accolades that is definitely nothing short of incredible, you would never know when meeting him due to his humble demeanor.  On his down time, he enjoys giving back to the industry in any way that he can to help fellow refinishing family members succeed with their businesses.  If you are interested in getting this character into your shop to HAMMER DOWN though, then you better have a gallon of hot coffee waiting for him.  Good ole Wingy works only when coffee is present, and won’t work until he has a few cups in his system.
WARNING:  If for some strange reason, you do lure him into your shop, but don’t have coffee awaiting his arrival, KxK Dynamics waives all responsibility for all of Jason’s actions.   KxK Dynamics recommends pumping at least two cups of morning joe into his system, if you don’t want him to start destructively sanding any and all random objects in sight.
Welp!  What else is there to be said about Eron, other than that he is the heart and sole of KxK Dynamic’s product creation.  Without him, KxK Dynamics would be a tool manufacturing company with ZERO tools.  Andy would just be fixating on logistics, and Jason would probably be found in his Seattle, WA garage, sanding a random test panel with 220 grit to see if he can buff it out.  Please though, don’t let this incredibly creative individual fool you.  Eron is far from an introverted artist.  He enjoys making whimsical Instagram story videos for his loyal followers, coining catchy company slogans such as “KxK All Damn Day”, and last but certainly not least, he really enjoys getting “Pizza Wasted”.  This term should be a pretty self explanatory one, but if not, feel free to DM him on Instagram, @redsdetail_co, for a more thorough explanation.  And maybe, just maybe, if you’re lucky enough and he really likes you, you might just receive an unexpected delivery of pizza for lunch while you are grinding the day away at your shop.  
**Note: KxK Dynamics is a “Pepperoni Pizza Only” type of company, so don’t expect anything else other than our favorite type of slice. Ooooooo Weeeee!